The hotel has a center SPA(SPA,SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS) which proposes you fixed prices(packages) of discount(delivery) train(form) and of beauty, to relax you and relax you and toning massages, anti-stress with the following fixed prices(packages):

La Villa Bleue Package 190 dt

Hammam with exfoliation and application with green soap / 30 min & relaxing massage / 30 min

A veritable haven of peace, the Villa Bleue private spa suite offers you a real experience for serenity and complete rejuvenation.This ritual starts from your entry to the hammam designed according to the Maghrebine tradition, to relax, detoxify and Open the pores of the skin, allowing a better peneration of oils and creams.This experience enchains with a hyfratant and softening scrub by applying components of oils known for their antioxidant properties, leaving the skin soft and luminous.Un care Ultimate relaxation will follow for a duration of 30 minutes to relieve tension areas of the body while eliminating stress and muscle aches.

Hydro Care

Berber Ceremony with Ghassoul and honey soap
(Steam / exfoliation)

50 min / 150 dt

Typical of the Maghreb region, this ritual begins with the evolution in the private space ofthe Hammam, where intense heat prepares the muscles and mind for treatment, the body is then cradled by the mineral clay wrap, Ghassoul, followed by a traditional scrub with the special glove of "Kassa".


The private hammam allows you to enjoy its humid heat. The place is yours, the relaxationis absolute, while the skin is releasing toxins in preparation for the following treatments...

Hammam + Scrub
20min / 50dt
Hammam + Application Ghassoul (mineral clay)
20min / 55dt
Hammam + Application Cryotherapy
20min / 55dt
Hammam + Scrub with sugar
30min / 100dt
Ideal to regain a healthy skin and a radiant complexion
Hammam + Clay Application
20min / 55dt
* Green clay: effective for treating several ailments in a perfect way.
* Red clay: perfect to improve blood circulation, ideal for a skin prone to redness.
* Yellow clay: revamping and regulating, this component is ideal for oily and mixed skin.

Face Care

Hydration Strategy

50 min / 150 dt

A delicate treatment, which begins with a gentle neck stretching, is recommended fortired and stressed skin. The stimulating and relaxing phases of this treatment are alternated through the liaison of wellness modules (purification, exfoliation, mask) and multiple gestures (shiatsu).

Special spray treatment for men and women

60 min / 180 dt

Perfect for the skin care, this treatment combines moisturizing care and completepurification thanks to our know-how of the sharp technique of the face spray, followed by a softening massage, extraction of comedones and a mask. This treatment regenerates dry and tired skin while rebalancing the body's energy.

Purity-Shine Ceremony

50 min / 170 dt

Recommended for those looking for a complete cleansing of the face whilerelaxing, this ceremony combines intense purification (exfoliation, extraction of blackheads, oxygenation of tissues) and deep massage. A pure beauty escape treatment: the complexion is refined and radiates with brightness

Face masks

15 min / 50 dt

Berber mask with honey and natural herbs
Purifying charcoal mask
Soothing mask with white clay
Softening mask with red clay


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2026 Tunisie
Telephone :+216 71 742 000
Fax : +216 71 745 000


Relaxing massage

45 min / 120 dt
60 min / 160 dt

A perfect relaxation treatment that removes muscle "knots" while easing blood and lymphatic circulation. This massage is meant to harmonize the body, mind and emotions.

Oriental Massage

45 min / 120 dt
60 min / 170 dt

The slow and enveloping rituals of this massage treat the entire body in parallel movements and release it from tensions by flexibly working the muscles and the skin.A perfect experience that invites one to feel better, calm the mind, relax the body.

Ayurvedic Massage

45 min / 120 dt
60 min / 170 dt

Powerful, deep and rhythmic, this massage intensely works the muscle tissue with analternation of gestures helping regain body energy. Through friction, sustained smoothing, and stretching, this stimulation heats the skin and muscles by gradually relaxing the body.

Special Massage Back

45 min / 120 dt
60 min / 170 dt

A deep, holistic treatment combining deep muscular techniques (pressure, kneading)and Thai stretching (body softening and joint relaxation) to create a feeling of physical appeasement and ease of mind.

Cranial Massage

30 min / 90 dt

This massage generates deep well-being and relaxation for both body and mind.In addition, the oil application for this treatment provides a beneficial result for the hair by improving appearance and strength. Well recommended for weary travelers, needing to find their bearings.

Foot reflexology

25 min / 90 dt

A manual therapy performed on the feet with a purpose to reduce tension,restore the balance of each organ and relieve pain.

swimming pools

The hotel provides you with two swimming pools to complete your holidays in summer as in winter.